For Nursing Students

Expand Your Possibilities

The Ascent Program for Funding Education (Ascent) is built around one guiding principle above all others: Your student loan should expand your possibilities, not limit them. That’s why Ascent uses broad credit tiers to offer students more opportunities for approval. We have been working collaboratively in the student loan industry for more than a decade – so we have access to a great amount of data and utilize it to constantly evolve our loan program to meet your specific needs. You’ll benefit right from the start with a fast eligibility screening process. Once you’ve applied and been conditionally pre-approved, you can choose from flexible repayment plans. Plus, you’ll have real-time access to all your loan information and documents online.

  • Have the chance to stand on your own.
    Because Ascent considers more than just your credit score, if you meet certain criteria, you may qualify without a cosigner. After making 48 consecutive payments on time, you may qualify to release the cosigner and continue with the loan in only your name (see Terms & Conditions).
  • Minimize costs.
    With Ascent Tuition student loans, you will never pay origination fees, disbursement fees, loan application fees, or early repayment fees. Plus, Ascent offers competitive rates as well as an interest-rate reduction if you enroll in automatic debit (see Terms & Conditions).
  • Get set up for long-term success right from the start.
    Ascent offers you free financial literacy tools as part of the application process.
  • Establish your credit history.
    Your Ascent loan can help you build credit – a very important responsibility for maintaining financial success throughout your life.
  • Our team of trusted advisors is committed to you.
    From you application to your final payment, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


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