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A Financial Foundation to Power a Future of Success

Ascent Student Loans are built around one guiding principle: Your student loan should expand your possibilities, not limit them. That’s why Ascent uses broad credit tiers to offer students more opportunities for approval. Ascent also offers financial literacy to help students and their families better understand their finances and borrow responsibly. To ensure the best possible experience for our customers, clients and schools, we have a wide network of partners.

The Originator Processor (GS2)

The Originator Processor

Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. (“GS2”) is the Originator Processor for Ascent Student Loans. GS2 and Richland State Bank collaborated in creating Ascent Student Loans to help revolutionize the way people pay for college. GS2 is an award-winning, employee-owned education finance asset management company.  GS2 has been working collaboratively in the student loan industry for more than a decade to provide customized products and services for education financing.  GS2 manages more than $25 billion in student loans (both private and federally guaranteed) for its clients and partners. GS2 performs services for schools, investors, banks, and hedge funds, helping them manage their returns and asset performance more effectively. In addition to Ascent Student Loans, GS2 provides a comprehensive line of products and services including:

  • Trust Administration
    Expert management, accounting, finance and treasury functions for portfolios backed by student loan assets.
  • Loan & Receivable Purchasing
    The pursuit of partnerships with lenders and holders of performing and distressed student loans, as well as debt buyers and sellers.
  • Master Servicing
    An array of services to help clients effectively manage their assets and maximize the performance of their college loans.
  • Capital Markets Advisory Services
    The management of more than $27 billion of transactions backed by student loans using our robust analytics platform that provides deep insights into loan performance.
  • Private Student Loan Originations
    The creation of custom tuition financing and loan programs for schools tailored to a variety of client and student needs.

GS2 is headquartered in San Diego, CA, where they have received the San Diego Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” Award in 2015 and 2016. To learn more about GS2, visit: www.goalsolutions.com.

Guided by Core Values
GS2 is on a mission to provide innovative solutions in education finance that will revolutionize the way people pay for college. GS2 is guided by its core values:

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

 Lending Partner (RSB)


Lending Partner

Ascent Loans are made by Richland State Bank (RSB), Member FDIC, or Turnstile Capital Management, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. (GS2).

Application Partner


Application Partner

CampusDoor to administers the loan application processing activities for Ascent Student Loans. CampusDoor has processed over $11 billion in private student loan applications assisting over 1.4 million unique borrowers. For loan application status, please log into the borrower portal of the originator processor, CampusDoor, at www.campusdoor.com/Ascent/Tuition, contact CampusDoor directly at 717-254-2369, or email: answers@campusdoor.com.

Loan Servicer Partner (UAS)

Loan Servicer Partner

University Account Service (UAS) is the loan servicer for Ascent. UAS is a leading student loan servicing company, and they are responsible for sending statements, processing payments, and providing general account guidance. If you have questions about an existing loan, such as payment or forbearance information, please contact the loan servicer, University Accounting Service, at
800-999-6227 or visit: www.uasecho.com.

Contact Us

For schools and partners interested in learning more about Ascent Student Loans, please call our Business Development Team at 619-980-6441 or email partner@ascentprogram.com.


For Ascent Customer Service, call 866-524-7756 toll-free Monday – Friday from 7:00AM to 4:00PM (PDT) or email us at help@ascentprogram.com. Please include your phone number and best time to reach you.